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I find myself in the never ending ocean of art. My passions range from photography, music to the abstract world of code. I like experimenting a lot with the given media and enjoy the process of learning something new almost every day. My inspiration mostly comes from dreams in which I explore the depths of my inner self.


In the year 2011 I took a camera for the first time. I found joy in it quickly and soon went out into the abandoned parts of my home town regularly.

Taking pictures of seemingly ordinary things helps me understand the beauty within, that was kept hidden from my naked eye. Sometimes I just need a restricted frame to blend out all the fuzz around me.

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Many, many times I find myself unable to express my innermost feelings. Spoken language is more or less a crutch for communication and only a few truly master it. Where I cannot find the words, I let music speak for me.


The Internet now is a strong part in our daily life. Almost everybody in developed countries sees at least one website a day. I enjoy a lot finding solutions to communicate an idea through the web.

Screenshot of the Website


Author: Laura Kehoe
Design: Sara Lucena
Screenshot of the RRREFRESH Website


Design: Sara Lucena
Screenshot of the Sara Lucena's website

Design: Sara Lucena
Screenshot of the Freyja Magazin Website

Freyja & Freyr Magazine

Design: Giovanna de Avila
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Creating art through code is a very interesting field. If you have a computer, you have all the tools you need ready at your fingertips. However, you are required to think before you take action. It's amazing nonetheless what becomes possible through the combination of multimedia and code.

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Majora's Mask Year Countdown

Screenshot of

Colum ASCII Art

Screenshot of the Und dann kommt Wasser typography experiment

Und dann kommt wasser

Screenshot of the Golden Spirals showing the Golden Number Phi

Golden Dot Spiral

Screenshot of the Doorbreaker Game

Door breaker game

Screenshot of This is your house typography experiment

This is your house

Screenshot of


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